Friday, June 26, 2009

Church Banners

Bulletin boards are a good venue to post church news, announcements, reports and updates. But not all people read bulletin boards. They may be cluttered and contain a lot of old news mixed in with the news. Sometimes, important notices are overlooked or don’t get the attention they need.

When you have to announce something very important, do it with a banner posted on the church’s fa├žade to everyone to see. As church announcements are relatively simple, a banner wouldn’t cost much. Parishioners will learn more about your activities and are more likely to participate.

For special occasions, like a Christmas play, anniversary or a visit from a senior church official; spread the feeling of welcome and joy by hanging a colorful, announcement banner. You can have one done on vinyl in full colors, attractive images and catchy text. A Banner will add a touch of professionalism to any church announcement you may have.

Church banners can carry photo quality images and backgrounds that attract and bring attention to your church project. You can have it designed in such a way that drivers and pedestrians will see it across the street. They are the perfect welcoming sight for your important guests, as they do convey hospitality and warmth. A vinyl banner is waterproof, fade resistant and will last a long time. You can use it for church signage as well. You can print church schedules and list weekly or monthly activities. Better informed parishioners can and will contribute to your cause.