Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Consider Your Readers: Choosing The Appropriate Size For Optimum Visibility

The title may seem obvious, but if you perform a tour through your local community and take a studied approach, you may be surprised at how many signs and advertisements are nearly INVISIBLE. The reason being that someone didn't consider the impact of the sign in relation to its environment, rendering the effect of their marketing efforts null and void.

This does not need to happen, and if you consider a few basic guidelines ahead of time, you can increase the effectiveness of your ad many times over.

Such factors to consider include:
Complexity of Design
Background / Environment
and Size

When thinking about banner printing, consider the the type of traffic involved. Is your message intended to reach drivers at highway speeds, city speeds, or pedestrians? Perhaps even all three at the same time?

Have you ever watched a movie on your home television and realized as the end credits roll by that there is no way you could ever read them, if you wanted to, at that fast speed and at that tiny font size? The same principle applies to your banners and signs. One very basic factor to take into account is size -- both the overall size of your banner and the size of any copy on the sign. Here's a simple visibility chart to give you some idea: